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Club Canine

The Project:

Club Canine approached us intending to build a reliable brand, website, and visual identity system that effectively communicates their passion and expertise in providing safe and enriching environments for loving dog-owners to bring their four-legged friends. This brand takes dog-loving quite seriously. Shouldn't we all?

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The Garden Chapel

The Project:

The Garden Chapel tasked us with building a full-brand and website that effectively positions them as Indianapolis' most exclusive wedding chapel and event space. We also needed to stay aligned to their company mission: Provide a premium and elegant wedding chapel experience while offering customers excellent prices and maximum project flexibility. This brand takes ever-lasting love very seriously. Shouldn't we all?

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Lead Tech

The Project:

Lead Tech Pest Services was in search of a website that clearly positions their company as the leaders in eco-friendly pest control. This brand takes eco-friendly business practices extremely seriously. Shouldn't we all?

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Our Process


Every project we take on starts with a short brand strategy session. During this strategy session, we have an all-around great time doing simple exercises that help all of us empathize with your customers. We gain insights about who they really are, what they want and need in life, and how they are best-communicated with. Then, we work to gain insights into the product or service, what differentiates the offering, what it provides for the customer, and ultimately: how to effectively communicate that value to that specific customer. The marriage between these two particular insights informs the brand and how it interacts with the customer.


After the Strategy phase is complete, we crawl back into our cozy lair and spend about 2 weeks combing through key insights gained from the workshop and begin backing them with research. We look into things like your typical customers' key demographics and psycho-graphics. How they interact with the world and other brands. We look into your product or service and how it should be positioned within a market. Your business goals and what should be done to push them further. Your particular market and niche, while also analyzing the positioning tactics of similarly positioned companies in other markets. Your competitor's brand and marketing and how they present themselves to the world. From these insights, we build out three powerful and very different visual directions and brand voices that the brand could utilize. We present these as Stylescapes and iterate upon them. The final choice and revised Stylescape informs the brand and all design assets.


Once we have a clear visual and strategic brand direction, we begin work on the final brief. The brief is used to compile all insights gained from the previous phases. We layout in precise and objective vocabulary how the design should look and function, what the user will be able to accomplish, what they'll feel while interacting with the brand, and how they'll feel about the brand after they've moved past the final touch-points. At the end of this phase, we work from the brief and hand-craft beautiful, on-brand, and functional designs that work for you and your customers.


Once you approve the final design assets, we begin the best part: bringing the brand vision to life. This is typically where we spend another 2 weeks in the proverbial lair. During this time, we take the static design to a beautiful, fully-functioning, responsive digital space for your customers to explore. We build on the back of a robust development platform and world-class visual Content Management System (CMS) called Webflow. When we build websites, we develop clean-code, quick-to-load, Search Engine Optimized websites that help you outrank and outperform your competitors. In other words, we design and develop some of the most beautiful and functional websites on the internet today.

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